Traffic Tickets


Traffic tickets can be inconvenient, expensive and may result in the loss of your driving privileges.  Having an experienced attorney can help you avoid or mitigate the consequences of any such conviction.  When you receive a ticket and plead not guilty, you must personally appear in court.  Oftentimes, multiple court appearances are required, resulting in missed work or long nights sitting in court, waiting for your case to be called.

A conviction of a V & T violation will result in fines, court fees and surcharges.  Additional consequences of a conviction may result in “points on your license” (possible suspension of driving privileges), increased auto insurance premiums, and possibly, cancellation/non-renewal of your existing policy

The law firm of Murphy, Schisano & Rosado has the expertise to “level the playing field” and obtain the best possible results.  Oftentimes, we can resolve the case without requiring your appearance in court at all.  Contact us today.

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