Request For Documents For Bankruptcy Petition


1.       Current Appraisal/Valuation of your home

2.       Mortgage Statement(s) and a Copy of your Deed(s)

3.       Six (6) Months pay stubs (immediately prior to filing) or pay roll report

4.       If you are self employed, provide 6 months of operating statements

5.       All Creditors (actual bills/statements) such as Credit Card Statements; Medical bills; personal loans; student loans; bank loans; any debt you     owe to anyone or   company, including judgments or complaints.

6.       Tax Returns for the previous TWO YEARS.

7.       Your checking and/or saving account statements – previous 2 months

8.       Copies of Certificates of Titles to motor vehicle(s) or RVs or motor      cycle registration or boat

9.       Auto and/or RV Loan or Lease Statements (and any other secured loan)

10.     Complete credit counseling course and provide me with your certificate 11.    Copy of your retirement, pension or deferred compensation statement     

12.     Signed retainer agreement, disclosure statement & information sheet


Other: ___________________________________________________________


Please provide the information requested and all documents at your earliest convenience. Your Petition will not be ready for your review and signature unless information requested in available for our review and use. Once we have this information, please call to make an appointment.


The bankruptcy process generally commences as follows:


•        Our office Consultation

•        You forward (mail or drop off) the requested documents

•        We will prepare your Petition for your review and signature

•        You advise us when you’re ready to review and sign your Petition by   scheduling an appointment (legal & filing fees should be paid on or        before we file the final Petition w/required schedules with the Court)

•        We file your Petition and pay the required Court Filing Fee

•        You will receive a “341 Meeting” notice (I receive the same notice) –   you must attend meeting (Please be at least 15 minutes early)

•        You should complete the Financial Management Course within 45 days          of meeting

•        Both you and I will attend the Sec. 341 Meeting (please bring your       social security card and picture ID – such as your driver’s license

•        We receive an Order of Discharge of Debts and your file is closed