DWI Defense


Charged with DWI?  The law firm of Murphy, Schisano & Rosado can help.  NY DWI laws are tough and the consequences of a conviction may impact every aspect of your life.  If you find yourself under arrest for DWI, you need help from an experienced attorney. Murphy, Schisano & Rosado can provide that help.  With our 33 years of defending DWI in all courts in the Mid-Hudson area, Tom Murphy and Richard Schisano can give you the help you need and protect your rights.

Tom Murphy has been representing clients charged with DWI in the Hudson Valley area for over 33 years.  An experienced trial lawyer, he can evaluate your case and give you an honest assessment of your options.  With extensive experience in this field, Tom Murphy can review with you the facts and circumstances of your arrest and give you the proper approach to get the best possible results and allow you to put this unfortunate experience behind.

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